Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy birthday , my friends !!

My birthday speech firstly goes to : Wan Khairul Hamizan 

~ my very annoying classmate at Hulu
~ born on 28 Disember 1994

Third birthday goes to : Nadiah Saharuddin

~she's my lovely cute best friend and roommates
~ addicted to the same interest like me , 
looking hot guys , mwahaha !! XD
~ born on 29 Disember 1994

Second birthday goes to : Anas Zikri

~he's another bad guy in my former class 
~ born on 30 Disember 1994

Lastly my birthday speech goes to : Mohd. Amirun Aqil 

~he's the hot president class in 401/501
~ born on 31 Disember 1994
gotcha !! he did'nt have FB.
so, thats y?

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