Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tragedy at Semua House

The road side of Jalan Masjid India KL
time tu, 2 years ago, whenever me & my family went for raya shopping at KL.. it was unpleasant day..

how, was badly tragedy, when people around shouting for safe. . and everyone was like running all over place to save themselves.. 

i witnessed the tragedy itself as it gave terrified moments for me. my sisters and  me crying ..when witnessed that tragedy.. i can't imagined if our country was like another unlucky country..

that moments , the shops in Semua House was about to close to avoid any risk on their sales..

just I hope , for the peaceful from Allah S.W.T.. always and ever for Malaysia country and all Islamic Country..

this post supposedly for Merdeka Day , but then the imaginary of that tragedy popped out in my mind during my dinner. 

Hope it will be the guide for us to keep understanding among the races so that we can live peaceful in our own country .. and my wish .. the pilihan raya was just around the corner.. so the voters please vote wisely for  our own leader that guide us in harmony

if i am 21st , i'll definately use my rights and responsibility to vote the right party to be win.. 

you ? just role your parts in maintaining the harmonis country. okeyhh ?

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