Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year and Happy 2012 to all Malaysian . ..
especially to all bloggers , my family , my friends , my teachers and so on..

Here are my wishlist and 'Azam' New Year :::
  1. To achieve straight As in SPM :: Pray hard to Allah to fulfill my promises towards family and for sure , Teacher Aminah ..
  2. To be independent and toughful woman in life :: Especially in facing the works upcoming and challenges in life .
  3. Anak yang membahagiakan ibu bapa :: I must do all the house chores to help mom and help her with the baby-sitting works . 
  4. Rakan yang menggembirakan teman :: Trying to feel the problem and lets solve together.
  5. Ahli masyarakat yang menyumbang sesuatu ke arah kebaikan :: Use my knowledge to help others especially for PMR candidates and maybe SPM candidates , InsyaAllah , if Allah willing it . Just come to my house and i'll help you.

That's all my priority . 

" Ya Allah give me the strength to face all the challenges in life.. and I pray for the happiness in my life and life after.. May Allah guide me the truth path .. pray for my flying colours SPM result..
Hope Allah knows everything that the best for us. " 
-Doa always & ever.

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