Saturday, June 9, 2012

From the true heart

Another story begin when the month of June is here,  Yes i'm know that i'm late to notice this month. Heayeah, my younger brother's birthday and mine are on this month. 

Let me start from the first , on the first that which is 17May, my parents are accompanied me to register me for agriculture science foundation at UPM Serdang. Before on that day, i'm already knew that Alin and Tasha also will be there. Alin came from  Perak and she took a long journey to get the UPM. I had to be go register first. When, at the Dewan Banquet, I met Shuhada also from Pengkalan Highlanders, same with me and  Alin. Oh, Tasha was from Sekolah Men. Sc Bagan Datoh. After took about 2hours there, we done with our registration and I got entered to the Kolej Pendeta Za'aba same goes to Shuhada. 

Yes! Shuhada was my roommate there. Thank god, Ya Allah. At least, I had knew her before as she is my schoolmate and also in one floor with me. Aras 2, Aspuri Pengkalan Highlanders. 

Now, i'm on the third week here and last day of third week here. There's a lot of stuff and assignment to do. Plus, the Test 1 are coming on the fifth week. Oh my god, another week to struggle here. But, the thing is, I'm still get my time to come back home. ^____^
Hoyeah! Not very ho-yeah! Because i'm keep thinking about my group assignment which is already decided to meet for a discussion tomorrow with my group biology members. The assignment contain 5 questions for each group and each group is given 5minutes to present. Oh, my biology lecturer's is from India and Islam. Her name is Dr. Yasmeen. And we are connecting via . She will put everything about the lecture and put announcement there. 

Oh, today, i'm coming home by my own. Me and Shuhada took a UPM bus to go to the KTM Serdang. And from there, I  stopped at BTS station. Then, took LRT to reach my hometown. Oh, i met two girls which I confirmed that they are malay and of course muslim. But, their attire not proving that they are malay muslim. They are wearing only small  short and blouse. Seriously, even i'm already pitied for them. Why, they are totally change from the original culture of malay and muslim by own? I'm so embarrassed as they are part of malay muslim girls same status as me and another malay muslim girls. Why, they are willing to bring down the dignity of the true Islam? 

Now, i'm deeply realised what the post about:
Credits to, Farah Lee.

Daripada Abu Hurairah r.a., "Islam mula tersebar dalam keadaan asing. Dan ia akan kembali dagang asing.Maka berbahagialah (beruntunglah) orang yang bersama Islam ketika ianya asing”. 
[HR Muslim]

Hopefully, me and everyone malay muslim here, realised that.. To change, we must first put Allah in our heart just everywhere you go and please do take care the dignity, girls. InsyaAllah. Walaupun, dugaan di Universiti itu sangat besar. Moga, kita sentiasa didedahkan dengan panduan sepanjang masa di Universiti dan mampu menjaga ikhtilat sesama muslim. Berbahagialah tanpa berpasang-pasangan. Kuatkan prinsip untuk katakan TIDAK pada budaya berpasangan-pasangan. Harapnya kita betul-betul kuat untuk menempuh dugaan ini. Walaupun, sekarang ini, benda yang baik itu sangat terasing dari fitrah sebenar. Even, nak mula berubah mengenakan tudung yang agak labuhpun, ada pertikaian. Perlukah? 

-A meaningful post from me, a practice for my english journal. Well, blogging is fun! Insyaallah :')

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