Saturday, October 27, 2012

spend time with them

Assalam ,
Saya terinspirasi untuk menulis blog daripada koleksi gambar yang saya ada. Jadi, gambar recently yang saya ada.. hmmm, last gambar when me and my friends went to Mid Valley last Thursday, when others were rushing to going back their hometown for Eid Edul Adha. I tried to ask my roommate to hang out together, which I knew her not to going anywhere after her morning class. 

Her class je, yang ada tutorial class hari Khamis. Kelasku, sudah cuti beb! hehe :') Then, I joined my classmates went to Mid. Fatiha and Harlina. Memang lama lah, si Fatiha nak tunggu saya bersiap, cause I baru siap mandi pukul 11am, okayy. Dia dah keluar dari KC around 11 and she told me, that she waited for me at Putra Foodcourt, which located, uphill of KPZ.  Bila masing-masing dah terpacak di bus stop K13, tunggu Harlina for another 10 minutes. Haha, kesian Fatiha menunggu lama. Dahla, Fatiha nak balik JB pukul 3.30pm nti, kt TBS.. 

When we were on the way to the KTM Serdang, which we need to use UPM public transportation, from K13 to Sanggar Bahasa then took KTM label bus UPM to KTM. At KTM, we bumped to meet our another classmates, Adilla and Umi Aisha. 

Tapi, after hangout ni, Fatiha akan ke JB direct from TBS, and Harlina will stop by at KL Sentral untuk balik Segambut. While me? haha. balik UPM dulu, and my father will picked me up at around 6 o'clock.

PEACE :D (taking picture at ktm, pun boleh! lol)

Datin Harlina, yang suka lama bersiap. HEHE ^_^ (at Warung Restaurant, Mid)

when we are watching the decoration around, look pretty damn same with original warung. so, I tak kisah makan at warung pun.. hehe.  Ada, sanga (tudung saji), atas meja, ada dua botol untuk kicap and perasa, i think. Mereka juga letak old bicycle at the side. Their chairs, tables, air basuh tangan , and all of that, look like old warung kampung style. 

saya makan mee rebus, air minuman? air kosong yg sy bawa. pretty save! 

then Datin Harlina belanja Gelato Ice-cream at the kiosk.  but then, RM8 and above for single ice cream. mahal ceit :p but better than Baskin Robbins yg superb expensive tu. beli one ice cream share tiga org, me, datin and gee. 

around 4.45pm we were heading at our own destination. harlina menghala ke KL Sentral while me, and Gee menghala ke belakang, haha, serdang and BTS :')  Fatiha, around 2.15pm dah keluar Mid, and rushed to the TBS for her bus. 

then, when I arrived at KTM Serdang, there were raining cats and dogs.. with no umbrella, I stepped very carefully to avoid slipping. and reached to the nearest bus stop. I met a disgusting guy, yang rushed from a bus and spit off in front of me. Yuckkks! so disgusting! Tak macho pun kalau nak berludah bagai. 

Nasib, I met two students of UPM and I offered them to take a cab so that we could reach UPM without any scene and terrified long waiting. Luckily, they willing to be with me by took a cab. Before that, there was RapidKL bus menghala ke UPM. but, the driver bus said, it will be moved around 6 o'clock. Ohmy god, my father will fetch me around that time at KPZ. 

Balik dengan bahagia. Tanpa ada scene resah menunggu and scene spit off tadi. 

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