Monday, November 12, 2012

Wedding Agenda

Baru balik dari kampung, enam jam yang lepas. 
Menghadiri kenduri kahwin Abang Syafik and Kak Tiqah (my special kakak).
After MUET, last Saturday, I rushed going back to the village with my family. But, before that, we stop-by at my sister's wedding to give her something special.. and get lunch by their wedding's meal.  

First at all, this pictures.

Happy married, my dearest kakak. May Allah bless your wedding forever and always. >.< Hopefully, you are touched to see my special present for you, kakak. I love you so much. Put your trust in Allah. 

and the second agenda, abang syafiq wedding ,,

Selamat Pengantin Baru, abang Syafiq and Kak Sarah. May Allah bless your wedding, in order to face through the challenges of life with your beloved wife. Always and ever, Ameen.

Those pictures credit to the Instagram :') As, I'm the Instagram user and I'm happy to use that application. My Instagram Profile L I N K --, :D Do give me know, if you are one of the Instagram User too.. I would like to follow it. 

Ok. Baii. Need rest, I love to hear that my dad will off tomorrow and we will be spend precious time together at home. love you, ayah <333 

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