Sunday, February 10, 2013

just nothing, just cny

just keep wandering, just whoever who can read my little tiny nothing blog here. haha, so merendah diri :(( 

what to story here. about my classmates, they called me, cik **ah (haisssh very the makcik one), in my class, there also, mak jemah , kak ani , datin minangkabau , mak ayun , kak pah , mak cik ayaa and ramai lagi yg tak disebutt tuu alahaiii malu-malu kucing. 

ohh hoyooo, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR everyone, i miss my chinese friends eventhough i think none of them will be remember me. so loser am i? :(  but i often tweet to Trushal Vora (Indian friend), commnt instag to Jovine George (Sikh friend), stalking Florence Choi (chinese friend) hahaaahahaha ^^, IM chat with Jean Jing :) how glad am i to keep in touched with them and to have such friends when i recalled back secondary times in bukit jalil secondary school. uhukhukhukhuk. 

| 26 January 2013 ;
hangout with beloved cousins, and kak Atif so glad to know and spend time with them <3 <3
next time, will be create another memories with kak intan . so hope, be one fine day. 

| me and my sister safely arrived here, Kampung Dato' Harun by KTM. 

| here we are,
  S U N W A Y  P Y R A M I D |

|the four of us. kak nurul first first lg, dah cop me and adik untuk task assignment mereka for this holiday. both of us, kena di-interviewed by them.. haha about gps (global positioning system) :D

|bajet gambar , so many people out there :3

|my adik, kak atif (in yellow), me and mazian ^^ atas ship. kengkonon, nak ambil gambar drpd side dpn.. tapi ramai sangat orang :( dpt gmbr side blkg dgn perkataan terbalik tu pun jadilah.. 

| I bought I C O N new Tumbler, new high sandal at RM19.90 *haha, please be jealous* and makan-makan KFC, not forgetting watching J U V A N A movie of the day..  *i amazed Johan As'ari, Syafie Naswip and Sharnaaz Ahmad, not forgetting kak Syiera Ayob and her husband, Zahiril Adzim* |

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