Thursday, March 13, 2014

I C E D 16

last satuday's night.. 
i was involving the #ICED16 was a short form words for InterCollege English Debate as the usher ladeyhh.. haha. The week looks so tiring for the Iced16 committee members . Kerja-kerja banyak kena settle because this is the annual program that was organized by my college, sixteenth college :) 

the debaters was debating upon this title :
This House
Would Ban Corporal Punishment

around 7.45pm, the audience are coming to the hall.. and including the three honorable adjudicators; Dr Saiful, En. Rohimmi and En Zamir.. me and kak amal was responsible as the adjudicators' ushers. so we need to greet them and bring them to take dinner in the vip room..  

the flow of the  program quite clear.. alhamdulillah.. eventhough, there was some changes and the ushers team can make it real! oyeahh.. 

and nak cakap tahniah to the group winners from second college. congrats guys. and the best debater, Mr. Haiqal from second college..  uuuuuuu. 

thanks a lot to the committee members of ICED16 cause give me the chance to be one of the usher.. walaupun ada sedikit masalah diri sendiri ..hahahaha.. tapi y e a h h semuaorang happening .. 


tak ada point nak tulis panjang-panjang , so just enjoy the videos. and i really love the band singing "let it go".. suka juga the opening ceremony, sbb bagi suspense yang betul-betul suspense.. and also the closing ceremony, masa our pengetua kolej cap jari guna glitters .. heee.. 

congratulations guys!
visit here for the official blog of ICED16 : 


  1. Tajuk debate tu salah. Mohon edit balik. Boleh tengok tajuk debate yang betul kat blog ICED 16 . Terima kasih.

    1. thanks =)) sbb bagi comment kt blog kte.. kalau boleh nak kenal siapa bg komen ni..


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