Monday, June 30, 2014

..second ramadhan!

Happy 2nd Ramadhan everybody..

How' was your day?? Hopefully, every of us will not miss this great opportunity in order to gain our good deeds.

My 1st Ramadhan, I was staying at home and help my mom with the house chores!  *well, imma good girl aite?, dushdush*

ohh, before the 1st Ramadhan, me, mother and my hadik hadik perempuanku were going to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman did a little bit shopping there for raya. *it is not semangat ke hapa. ini nak mengelakkan kesesakkan dihujung hujung ramadhan. baik patuh cakap ayah ;p*

My 2nd Ramadhan, alhamdulillah i get a chance to do the tadarus twice at area Sg.Besi in shaa allah till khatam. inshaa allah. *hopefully!!* from 8am to Zuhr.

..hope this tips (google) will help a lot through this holy month! ;) =)

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