Tuesday, June 9, 2015

moments strikes

my heart.
i cannot believe there is such close-minded of me
to realise that the close chance that i had missed

but i own one principle about 
the relationship

so that is how i'm really observe and make me take time a lot
to think whether he is just nice or not.

still, even my heart is heartbroken
for what he done to steal my heart before this

i'm really into something that
i'm really need total supports right now.

it give me lessons that,
it is hard to find people now who is originally loyal to one person.

i got reason on why i'm not confessing something 
which is really important
because i keep my own principle.

because of that principle, it makes me strong to face all this while.
and it show me how they react to my decision.

thanks for being my best friend, dear you.
i know, 'you' will not aware about this post. 
which is wrote specially for you.

thanks for the memories.
and then,
what can i do right now,
let me go away..
i'll start learnt something.
i'll aim high in my studies.
because i have my own responsibility towards my family

it is time to call it bye, 
assalamualaikum =)

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