Monday, June 8, 2015

Note 4 Success

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There is after the storm, the rainbow will come after that...
Last week was the very hectic life with too many killing datelines, it was a terrible week for me and my colleagues.
Then, after one-by-one assignment submitted and presented,, there were another feeling of relieve among us. Alhamdulillah.

Then, my upcoming tentative is
F I N A L   E X A M

16/06/2015 ~ [PPT 4209] SIST. PENGURUSAN LADANG
17/06/2015 ~ [MGM3351] COMMERCIAL LAW
18/06/2015 ~  [PPT4402] FINANCE 
20/06/2015 ~ [FCE32014] THINKING SKILLS

2nd Week,
26/06/2015 ~ [PRT3005] SIST. PENGELUARAN TNMAN

"Bismillah hirahman nirrahim.. may Allah keep me and my colleagues in the best way to gain success"

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