Monday, December 7, 2015

pretty Disember

assalamualaikum andd haiiii :D

pretty Disember uolssss ! finally, after weeks by weeks, there were most of the time struggling with uni-life, of course dude !

I'm pretty sure we have some of friends that we are willing to share everything in-out. It is a remedy when we can talk each other and create memories for the hilarious silly act. sumpah annoyed haha

but, it is all over, when the bonding is getting loose. because some of misunderstanding, i felt so sadd for what happened to my friends lately. they are arguing about something that is small matter. ohh. they are not arguing but they are in deep silent sulking to each other because of one silly mistake.

to me, no one is true nor false. so, instead of blaming each other we are trying to come out with the solution. the solution is pretty hard to resolved as it is woman problem, yesssssssssss

most of the time, we can see woman when sucking will last forever like no fullstop but not happened to the man. which they will like maki-hamun-carut-depan-depan-and-settled-down-lol !
so, i'm still cluelesss whyyyyyyyyy baby why

instead, i was once, ever had problem with one-old-closed-friend, but since she had something with my past, i just can't help myself. and i'm blowned out. it is hard for me to ever face to face with her anymore.

see? woman is unlogic rite? really really unlogic.. they can forgive in her mouth but not from her heart. too hurt.

it looks like, it is time for me to look-up for the counsellor or perhaps i will ignored them till they solved their own problem (which i think will never happened without middleman haha)

till we meet again daaaa,
currently i'm enjoying doing own website using html codes under subject of e-agribussiness.
well, i'm pretty sure to make sure i'll enjoyed most of the subjects as they are my life-long-learning.

can i pretty ask you lending ur pray for my 4flat. thank you so much.
moga umat Islam cemerlang terbilang !

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