Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sundaydayday !

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera.
i'm currently finished my working hours for Monday morning session.
and, i had a jerk whenvr when one of the student merajuk dgn I sbb I 
cubit die with a reason, oh nooo. tersilap langkah, nmpknye. Sekarang,
and for the whole January i think, its the busiest month after all.. Btw, 
to Anasstassia, whatever you do and decide, everything is up to you.
Good Luck to you for SPM, ea. (wink).

These what i'm doing on  last Sunday with the mischievous girls.
DP for  FB since today :: 16th January 2012
and people , do like the page below (;
(click here)

We were having a Birthday Event, cucu kawan Mak di sini. 
Makanan yang disediakan juga menyelerakan, mereka ada ::
agar-agar jelly , nuggets , bihun sup and laksa.
I had a grape juice and teh tarikk. Thanks Ruhidayah 
(boleh klik nama tuu, untuk kenal dayah), for Birthday
Event anak-anak buah engkau ni (; 
I balik agak awal dengan adik-adik nihh, Ya lahh, kat  situ
pun hanya ade kawan-kawan mak, dan kami pun beransur dulu.
Sampai aje rumah, my mom called, and die suruh adik naik atas amik
kek HariJadi. whoahhh!!
The cake was  greatly awesome & DELICIOUS !!

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