Tuesday, February 14, 2012

fanatically on novel and webcam

Assalamualaikum, Hye, Ni hou ma ?! Vanakham 
(asal ko, peah.. kau nak postkan apa?!!)

wo, wo, please have a little patient for me okayh. ..I'm obsessed towards Webcam and Novels much, peoples.. and also blogging. At right time, which at 9pm , Vanilla Coklat on air (i do not know if my timing above is soo true, please ignore the untrue timing!!!).. and already had a dinner at 8pm, which seem earlier dinner for me, but yesterday was much earlier.. i think at 6pm dinner. You know what my lunch for today? Today, i had bread and teh tarik for my lunch. Don't be jelly, Anas.. because my newest habit.. and my less-weight-of-me, atcually, okayy, i'm so not ideal weight person.. Please, do not take a serious tips to be slim from me. The factor of time, make my lunch soo simple.. while had to rush to go somewhere for works.. Immediately, after working, i served my own foods, not cooking by myself actually. 

First Capture: The motive just to show off the novel not the shawl.

Second Capture : The connection of us!

Third Capture : Imma with Aidil Zafuan, okayy.. CRAP! Meet my cutey Aidil Iskandar.

Forth Capture : Me and new shawl

Fifth Capture : My latest novel (still reading, starting from today)

Sixth Capture : Novel 'Kasih Bersulam Cinta' by Rozita Abd Wahab.

Last Capture : The multi-function of webcam 

For the third capture, he was Aidil Iskandar that I've said before in  the past entry .. somewhere in 2011, i had searched it but sorry .. ahha. While, blogging here, my family were enjoying the Sejuta Money Drop ..and Vanilla Coklat had finished for this episode, i'm not watching at all .. haha. That's was the phenomenon of my  craziness on blogging. I had save the important dates in my phone.. now , lets share here and there's no harm for it, something about UPU, okayy, take note! for this information :
 Due date of UPU FASA 2 Application - 2/4/2012 
 Date of foundation students registration - 27/5/2012

Well, the pictures show all my mad and craziness on webcam, even i'm never use Skype before. eh, hello, who wants to skype with me?!! you?!! That will be another story if i had any crush from overseas .. ahah!! if just i have one.. hey, get faster to study overseas ..

"If you started something, never look back, just keep go on.. insyallah everything's well." 
"If you started love something, love with all your hearts with doa."

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