Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shafiera love kids ..

Assalamualaikum and hello, guys and girls.
Today was nothing new to share and nothing special to post about. But, i just want to impress my love feeling towards kids..

AHA! the currently about me is i had changed my old profile facebook to the timeline.. and i just look.. okay-okay lah. Nothing much!

atcually, i took a much time for the cover photo.. and i really edit whatever photos that seem suitable for it, but then , suddenly .. it looks blurry ..
The few photos that I've edited for cover photos are , 

None of these pictures were approved by me. Because, it seem too large and too blurry.

My true feeling towards kids proved from ,

and , i've post their pictures in my facebook

okayy, got to go first. Like Anas said,  "kite just post utk bg kabar kat kawan je"
so do I.. 
aha?!! see you next time , blogger. bye-bye!!


  1. no wonder ade name ustazah syafiah on my brother's timetable ;)

    -kak balqis ;)

    1. oh, kak balqis,
      kakak siape ye ? kalau boleh tahu ?
      time kasih datang melawat blog ni .(;


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