Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nasyids Intro

Salam, and Assalamualaikum (:

I love Ketika Cinta by Siti Nurhaliza and Opick. The song is truly nice and best (;
Hari ini, saja aje tadi .. searching a few nasyid songs from
after done with my class, i immediately searching for Khalifah by Far East which song that recommended by angah ira yang mungkin jadi lagu pelajar KAFA untuk Majlis Ihtifal nanti.
Here's the song.... (; 

okayy tak, lagu Far East ni , sangat sesuai kann untuk budak-budak nasyid ni.. because the lyrics is quite simple and easy  for them to memorize it.. Its simple and nice , though.

Now, we move to another song, which my another favorite love song by Far East , Cinta Pertama.. Dulu, di hostel last year, i selalu dengar lagu ni from my friend's MP3.
Bila kita study, lagu ni bagi semangat untuk i.
Here's the song.

okayy, next song, please .. here is another song by Far East , Nursyuhadah.
Lagu Nursyuhadah ni, diperkenalkan oleh my friend di hostel dulu untuk 
Muslimah Ladies Night.
Lagu ni, lagu persembahan pelajar aspuri aras 2 untuk malam tu.

Here's the song, 

Thats it ! A few about nasyid for today .. A little bit thank you to silent reader and i hope u all enjoy this for today. May Allah bless you (;

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