Thursday, March 1, 2012

Time flew so fast

Assalamualaikum and hye , readers plus bloggers .

Teaching for two months  DONE !
Got salary DONE !
Shopping  DONE !
Onlining all the time DONE !
Blogging all the time DONE !
stay up late at nite for students exam paper DONE !

Thats what i did in this two months. The fact is i get so much benefit experience ..
dealing with the kids is not as easy as ABC and ALIF BA TA .. what i observe here, 
the kids want our attention .. we must consider all this as a challenge and the best key word is sabarunn minal imann.

the time flew fast , isn' it ?
twenty-two march would be another fear for me rather than the kids story.
and the point is , maybe this month would be the last month for me with the kids. 
No more kids after this .
No more countdown after this .
No more chatting and 'lepak' time with kak ngah after this .
No more, works , works and works after this .

Surely, i'll miss all these. and a big thank you to Pn.Rosliza cause give me a chance to explore the teaching career and absolutely the experience. The deadline give me the most terrified for me.

I just , hoping from you , only this 

 " Murahkanlah rezeki hambamu ini , dengan kejayaan 10As bersama-sama dengan rakan seperjuanganku.. izinkan daku , menitip doa ikhlas yang kudus dari seorang insan yang serba hina dina dan kerdil ini dalam meneruskan perjuangan selaku seorang hamba Allah.
Shafiah Manirah Ismail. 

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