Friday, February 3, 2012

Suitable tudung for you ! -Part 1

Assalamualaikum Muslimat semua :)

Hye , jumpa kita hari ini untuk muslimat terutamanya , of course just titled above 
"Suitable tudung for you !
Hari ini, we will be learn about which tudung are very suitable for your certain types of face. >>>>

1. Oval Face Shape.
     :: Women who have an oval face shape are free to choose any style tudung. If you are a fan of scarves, free to choose whether cotton fabrics, chiffon or net. Similarly, tudung Ariani (tudung like Ekin's style), or of Syria.

Muka my mom yang bujur sireh, sangat comel (:

2. Square Face.
^^^ Muka fiera yang petak.
     Features :: This face shape is wide between the temple and jaw bone can be seen clearly but the chin appears unclear.

     In imposing the veil, make sure the jaw bone can be hidden behind the veil. Use the veil so that the impact of the child's face appears elongated. If you want to wear a scarf,be wise to impose. Avoid styles Bienda bond or bonds in the neck.
      Select the style scarf that can lead to jaw circumference and covered. Tudung Ariani (tudung like Ekin's style) juga sangat sesuai digayakan.

3. Elongated Face.

^^ Muka adik fiera yang memanjang.

    Have the characteristics of a long chin. The difference is that the oval shape eyebrows higher with the same distance to the jaw temple. For, reducing the highbrow position, it is recommended to anak tudung Syria bersama selendang and all types of selendang sesuai digayakan.


To be continued, triangle face & round face in Part 2 for the next complete posting.

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