Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Night to Remember

25 March | Evening - early Night
Celebration , eS, Pie, eiMM Result. Thanks AYAH for everything you give to us. 
(Please scroll bawah, to view more picture.)

We were waiting for orders . Opps , jangan tertipu dengan rambut tinggi adik aku, Udin. Itu termasuk rambut seorang lelaki dibelakangnya.

Meal ONE, or TWO or THREE
which one ? - we choose meal three. cause it serve 2 regular pizza and we add one pasta as ala carte.

Menunggu punya LAMA. waiting like a thousand years.  Kami menjamu hanya pinggan 6 keping depan mata. HAHA

Ayah suruh aku pilih. HAA ? Along tak tahu. Lepas pilih-memilih, kami panggil la waitress yang macam pernahku lihat before this.

Bergambar lagi. A special picture that taken by Udin . wee~

Pizza was HERE. 

muka adik aku tengah PROMO mushroom soup. hewhew~

Aku rasa, Ayah aku makan laggii SOPAN daripada I. Oppps :' ? HAHA

Jemput Makan SEMUA.

Air-cond was chilling me.
Muka COOL minum air.

I'm FULL. burppp !
:P :D

TOILET ? Never become the best place for snapshot but still.. it is safe from public. HAHA 

I SMILE, You Smile. 
Different smile on a different person but still we are just human being.

Trying to bring back MUSHROOM SOUP.

Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

forgot the name. its SO delicious.

normal one. STILL delicious.

Serve 4 mushroom soup was the biggest mistake, cause not all of us like it.
but, i prefer more to bring it HOME.

sauce everywhere. 

ITS mine.
Drink- Pepsi . no other choice.

 I remember another NIGHT same like this , but we were at PIZZA HUT SRI PETALING . Masa tu, celebration juga, but its for my flying colours PMR result another three years ago.. I ingat tu laa, first time we all makan pizza satu family tauu. sobs.sobs.. 

Ouh, pizza hut Sri Petaling now become PHD = Pizza Hut Delivery. So, no more dinner pizza at there anymore. HOHO HUHU. So sad and sooo memorable. At least, kami dapat juga merasa makan di Pizza Hut yang memang agak jauh , tapi kenyang sangat. 

see ? nampak kan. yang we all akan makan besar bila ada celebration only kann :' ? So,  lets achieve what parents want , my dear siblingss . Its for our own gift , after the hardship. 


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