Monday, April 2, 2012

CongrettO =)

Assalamualaikum and peace everyone (; 

Another week , that too memorable for some people.. Yuzaimi Hazmira for example . On last Saturday on 31Mac .. there was wedding event for Yuzaimi , my old-days-school friend.

She's too prettyy on that happiest day for her. wiwwwitt =) Tak sangka, that all happens too earlier now. Its not a plan, but its state as 'JODOH' . 

That day, i came to Dewan MSN at 12.30 o'clock with Liyana and her mom. We were the first guest of Ieraa friends there. Everyone seems unknown to me.
Yeahh, my friends up there picture came on the arrival of bride.
Thanks god, i can met them . 

After the arrival of bride, we took pictures . Tag along with Yumaira.. but sadly, Yana had to away first because her mom called her up and her mom had business to do. I pun balik awal because i tumpang orang. Thanks Yumaira sebab bagi tumpang, tauuu. Atcually, if i was there quite long.. i'll met my old-bestfriends from SKBJ . Nana, Aleen, Atikah Akmal, Afiqah and Farah Asyikin were there too. 

I went home with Yumaira and her mom. 

Happpyyyy Wedddding ,
Yuzaimi Hazmira and Shahrir
Hope your happiness will be yours forever 

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