Saturday, April 21, 2012

Here I come to IMU

I bought that book today. It is a fikh novel from Fatimah Syarha.
I guess , i had a whale of time with my friends. Really hope to meet again. I will not forget everything that have been sacrificed for us..  I had spent a time with my friends at IMU for the beneficial program with the pretty, Fatimah Syarha. Yeah, i had once met her at KIPS programme. They all willing to reach my house and met my mother. Now, i'll share you all this one. You can know her better after this, Fatimah Syarha . (Fatimah Syarha's blog)

After the programme, we all had a chance to take few pictures with Fatimah Syarha.. and got an autograph from her. The condition in IMU (International Medical University) was quite well. Even though, the muslim society is the small family there but they all close to each other. The university had escalators for each level. Even, the IMU was too near from my house, and i have been  always passing the university for years (whenever went back from school).. but this is my first time there. At first, i was thought that IMU totally for international students. but , still they had the Muslim Society there to organize any event like this.  

Today's hangout, me with Nadya , Zarith Izzaty and Akmal Dina.. Its not like, hangout though. but still we meet each other. I met Kak Naz, ex-vice president of MRSMPH. She's also there with her friends from Taylor's College University. Awesome.

This post will be continued to the next post..InsyaAllah :')
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