Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hottie Bestie

Assalamualaikum ,
S. M. I .L  .E 

It is a  long time for me , to see any update from my BESTIE.  And gosh, you are the hot one, Neddy/ Nadia Jamaludeen :') Me , just keep going asking whenever my mind was too crammed to think about and wondered around. WHY , man always doing nothing at home. They are more likely to sit in front of tv and laptop instead of any beneficial task to do ?? Sometimes for me.. When the laziness are influenced me. but it was SOMETIMEs okayhh :') 

I had a three friends that really accompanied me when it is easy or hardship whenever at the last HULU place. 

We had planned to meet each other on last Tuesday, (10Apr) somewhere at KLCC. But , the plan is failed.. and postponed to another day which is Saturday (14 Apr) .. LASTLY,
15Apr was the day . and yeah we are making it. We met at Mid Valley .. Luckily, i have a nice sister and with her friend willing to accompany me to the Mid . Thanks to them always and EVER. They are also my photographer. hewhew :')

Heyy, you all, this are my friends from Hulu. From left: me, Zarith Izzaty, Nadya and Siti Amirah. *winkle twinkle*

 AHA, the picture above are my friends during my my final year in MRSMPH. PH for Pengkalan Hulu. and it was called HULU by all students from there. Anyways , Hulu give me a lot of memories for me and also US (if you are also from there).. like seriously !! By the way, they are my first friends there. Izzaty and Miera are same second intake with me, aha . notice that , Second INTAKE on last-last 22Mac 2010. YUHUUU. A date to remember and always remained in my head .

During last Wednesday, Malaysian got Agung Leave. CUTI AGUNG. Me , sisters and mom got nothing to do on that day. and we decided to go for a walk. HAIYYAA . 
LETS RIADAH, People !! while eating the ice-cream . NYUMS.NYUMS.

Me? Seriously, looked like a traveler. Aha, with the backpacks some more. That is another picture to view, the PHOTOGrapher,

Alhamdulillah, that's all for now.. Hopefully, my writing was GOOD enough to read .. Urgent case called me to leave blogging right now.I'm not yet settle down with MARA (it will be due on 22Apr, SERIOUSLY? ) .. I will be at International Medical University (IMU) Bukit Jalil this Saturday with my BESTIE. Insyaallah, or else i will just go alone and meet Akmal Dina and Arham there. Zarith Izzaty please inform me. Bye, love you guyss . Guyss, please pray me for the MARA.


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