Tuesday, April 10, 2012

1st Offer

okayyy, ini tawaran pertama yang saya terima.
UNIKL Foundation in Sc n Technology (Science)
 -Kolej Mara Kuala Nerang 
still, confius.. and still buat istikharah untuk ia.
hopefully, anyone, can help me this??
HELP. I had a lot of pro and kontra response for this offer. By the way, thanks to Kak Yuchi and Kak Yanti because give me some helps for this. 
You all can check your status, if you applied it. =) Here

Still wait for Matriks or maybe UPU ..
I must state here, the deadline to send the acceptance letter from this offer is on 20th April. While, the Matriks application result will be release on 25April above.  and.and.
The most waiting one, UPU application result will be release on the first week of May.

So?? However, most of my friends that received the same offer were rejecting this offer. My dad's side, asking to continue this acceptance. Tadi, kita dah print offer, and just nak hantarkan the acceptance letter to them. This is just the beginning . I will not going, if i got something more better than this offer.

The pro side accepting this offer, the program is easier than matriks one. but, the kontra one, after the foundation we must to take any programmed offered by UNIKL at any UNIKL Campuses  only. *state here* UNIKL only. not IPTA.  

If, kita hantar acceptance letter pula, kita still ada tempoh untuk tunggu result matriks and upu. If, programmed offered by UPU is the kontra one from our choice. Then, how come??

Okayy, okayylaa. This not the medium for me to debate it. I just, i don't know, the better one. Ask the more expert one :')

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