Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Taddddaaaa ,
Spaghetti homemade are here ,    and kali kedua buat this spaghetti .. Me and my mom, try to put some slices of chicken , some onions and garlic , and not forgotten to 'tumis' the chicken .. we must put some oil. 
and the result is awesome =) but the mee is too 'lembik' .. but then, still ade kuah yang sedap sangat tu. Jadi, still let go, aje laa. Even , mak kita pernah terfikir nak buang mee yang failed tuu. Atcually, first time buat spaghetti.. Mee dia okayyy sangat tp, kuah prego tuu. prego sauce kosong saja .. No chickens. No onions. No margerins. 

Another post about the recipe. Cubalah. 


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