Saturday, July 7, 2012

the best man, ^,^

I got a cool video for memorizing some Biology facts. 

Yeah ! It is about P H O T O S Y N T H ES I S..   .. Atcually, i'm dying in order to gain some informative babble here or any kind of idea to store heree anymore. I just ,, emmm whateveeeer...  The fact that the next Test 2 exam is just around the corner. And, the test one exam result, i had storied before, how terrible it is..

like SEEERIOUSLY, i'm too afraid now.. In order, to survive.. in this foundation environment here, I just need to spend less time on FB and even blogging. 

SEE? byebye Mr.Blogging. Miss Writer now are lacking of ideas to blog about.  About foundation? Yeah, man.. not now. Maybe, I need time. Aku kena pentingkan banyak perkara skrg. 

I know, maybe.. there will be some people thinking,,
"hey, no need to be soo exam-oriented student!" but with the situation here,, which is the boys show the better performance rather than us of girls.  

I was like URGGGGGGGGH! 
Pleaselah, what they DO for success? Apa kurangnya USAHA aku before this. Even, dorang still main game, fesbuk bagai and active banyak benda , pegang jwtn tinggi hicom semua , main rugby, buat perlawanan semua... Wow! impressnye tengok reputation dorg kt U. 

that's y, the best man, wins.
  -  ___________  -

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