Sunday, August 5, 2012


I just got this video from one of my classmate. She shared this video in my asper group . My comment about this video, a good trick title in order to deliver a good message to all muslimah. They also include a point of view from the muslimah, and the effect of 'tak jaga aurat' sketsa. Rate viewers pun ramai juga. So, randomly, ramai yang assume this title of video like something else yet a bad thought. This video by MrAllShared ni ada ahlinya yang tinggal di upm. I don't know how truth is. Tapi, kisah apakan? kalau video bagus dan berkualiti serta bermanfaat. dapat juga pahala, kan?:) Sesiapa jua pun boleh buat. I know that, nothing is impossible. 

This video should come more after this. I also love video from matluthfi. ehehehe .. will be talk about that later eh..    Matluhfi's videos are more about his advice and reality talk about life, more input of moral values and inspirations. 

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