Sunday, October 14, 2012


Assalamm :') 
Hye,, Amali Pertanian dua minggu lepas, kami pergi Ladang Ternakan (Tenusu) ..   By this semester, Semester2 my agriculture practical is on every Tuesday, which I think the packed day out of the week..  

During that day, supposedly, we need to attend the practical sharp at two o'clock..  And, we must to get the bus before two.. But the thing is, the bus came late for us.. Until 2.45pm then, the bus arrived to pick us up... Haihh.. Our practical should be start during that time.. Nasib, abang pengurus tuu terima kami seadanya.. 

Then, last week, went to the Faculty of Food Science & Technology, for another practical. No pictures, cause is too boring. No. The course of food tech is my favourite.. but we just spend a while there without took any valuable pictures. (special link for anyone who interested) :')

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