Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rat Dissection

Assalamualaikum, and hye guys!! 
On last Thursday, I did the rat dissection with my classmates. Ohmy gucci, look at to the innocent body. I guess, pity sorry for Miss Jerry. You're my first patient and sorry you couldn't be save as the some of serious matter.. yes serious matter... for asasi learning..

Firstly, we need to cut their skin.. from the centre to the jaw of mouth and anus.

Secondly, we can cut their body so that their organs and systems can be displayed off.

The red one is the lobes of liver. They have 4 lobes. We also can see the ceacum (the large organ within the small intestine) .. 

When we tried to blow by using blower, the rat's lung will expand. Look at the striking red color. It was expanding..

Yeah, we are done. Eventhough, i'm not really satisfied to see the breathing tract.. and maybe didn't have enough time to explore their epiglottis or even glottis in their mouth.. Uhukhuk :'( sadly...
My partner is so brave to dissect it.. I'm not too brave to dissect it. Poor miss Jerry~ 
The odor, woahhh! sooo smell, i tell you. but as the worst smell of the died one is from died body of human. Sadly, they didn't provide me the mask. Uhukhuk :'( agaiiiiiinnnn..

so, did I interested with this dissection? love to do it? again? ohh, maybe, you can be a doctor. aha~
not really. 

ps: nowadays, Serdang area always raining from evening to night..

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