Friday, December 7, 2012

KLCC time

KLCC time. Friday noon till early night. 
:)) Gayfriends foeghever.
7 Dec 2012

At KLCC, there were PC Fair, hanya cuci mata. Earphone, case phone, laptop, printer banyak promotion yang murah-murah. Come and see it. 

At Mines, near my hostel, there were book fair. Suraya, nak jualkn kasut dia, with a bit half price. woah.  So, myb jumpe dia kt Mines. maybe. kalau malas, aku tk pergi.. 

Okaayyy, this Dracula 3D, not too 3D.. We choose 2D only.. because it might frightened us up!! LOL..
the very ancient movie. the very BEAUTIFUL Minaaa (the heroin).. and the HANDSOME one, the Dracula. Husband, Mina punnn handsome too.. The price of ticket quite cheap. RM10 per person.. 

Extra Large Movie Poster Image for Saint Dracula 3D

Now, busy with my laptop n blogging. haha. atcually, busy with assignments and presentations. Too much of presentations. Ohmygod! The Test2 marks is terrible. somehow, I feel pretty lazy and close enough to give up for the finals. but please, I hope NOT so. I must sacrifice with the true sacrificance.. MUST AND BOLD IT. 

I'd better left this blogging site for a while. 

(tired of the day :(

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