Friday, January 25, 2013

MySpace in memorable :3

what I do, whenever I still using myspace account.

 #1 I've used to have my bestfriend chatting, while she was studying in Indonesia. #sorry Anastassia, I'm deleting this memorable myspace :'( 

#2 I've used to have my own  music playlist, my own photo gallery, my top friends, after all after having so much differentiation towards myspace, i attempt to delete it. Thank you for your service. Is not abour your quality, is about my own problematic and dilemmatic problem.

#3 I also got the most cute profile layout, that makes me sometimes annoying and really-really annoyed me! arghh tolonglah. *nampak tak gambar gediks kt bawah? disebabkan tu lah nak delete okayy?:)*




Haha sorry, if you cannot understand,   I still will  help you all, by try to click this tutorial, I got it from Google search. 
have a try.

hope it is USEFUL, Thank you so much ! :)) 

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