Saturday, July 19, 2014

Save Palestine!

Photos are shared from: Saad 's Facebook

I have a poem to share.... :)

Sad times for them. 
They are surviving.
Ya Allah, please please please
we can't bear it to hear that worst.
We are from you and will back to you soon.
We are so helpless to help our brothers and sisters in Palestine.
They have had enough.

What we can do, just a small contributions for them.
I hate to know the fact, that we can't help them at utmost.
I hate to know the fact that, 
why there is no feel of humanity among the big Arabic country.
To just support them Palestine and boycotting the Zionist.

They had gone through this hard times for the past several years.
They lost their loved ones just so easily.
The children had no sweet and playful childhood times.
They had lost their close relatives just like that.

 Where is the feel of humanity?
This is not only about religion issue.
This is the utmost h u m a n i t y issue.

Please please please,
they have just had enough.

I bear to you Allah, 
please save them in any ways.

and I know, the beautiful place are calling them.
which is

P A R A D I S  E.

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