Wednesday, July 16, 2014

He is the real hero!

assalamualaikum wbt :)

tengah meng'skroll' timeline twitter, i saw something havoc there. something hashtag about what-a-plat-car-number and something pictures that shown us a lady with the steering lock! you know steering lock. so i do check and scrolled bottom to top what a havoc about. 

ohh, it is about one young lady who was very rudely mad on an old chinese man. just because..just because the old chinese man unintentionally hit her new Peugeot car, and made the young lady mad like hell while assaulting him with the steering lock. and got some 'bruises' *lewls sangat* due to the steering lock on the old man's car.

astagfirullah hal azim~

In this holy month, at one part i feel so sympathy with the chinese old man. and i salute him with what his give back to the young lady. He manage to keep calm and talked very nice to the young lady. How i wonder if all men and all people are just like him. 

I can just put what are the good from the incident. and of course the bad part is between her and Allah swt. Who are we to condemn so everything stuff that we are also struggling on it. Struggling dalam ber'husnuszon' which is 'bersangka baik'. Who are we to insult her on what she has done like we are the very perfect person. No. I am not typing this to support her. NOT AT ALL. I am just highlighting the good deeds which is shown by the old man by forgave her for what she has done. HE WAS SUCH A TRUE HERO!  

From the twitter, what can I see that, every people are being an investigator. Investigate who is the young lady. Investigate what her facebook stuff; address; occupation; and a lot of private and confidential stuff about her to be revealed just so easily. 

People now, live with the social media *just like this blogger* are really really close to this medium. From what has been post/share/blog/comments are so viral between one user to another user. We can just get it in cash on what we have done wrongly as Malaysian people are very very alert, very 'prihatin' on some sensitive issues. 

Sampaikan boleh bash orang. Kekadang, words speak louder than the actions. As the proof, during the incident, we can see that people around there are stand still did not do anything just see what-gonna-be-happened-next and taking the videos. Upload the videos. See that we are the first one who knows this hot issues. Padahal yang mengviralkan tu, pengupload videos yang kemungkinan besar berada di tempat kejadian. Why not he/she just being an advisable person there, kasi cadangan untuk settlekan masalah or at least 'simpan aib orang'. 

But, somehow, I agree that, kalau takde viral, pihak-pihak berkuasa takkan tahu these small matters-yang-boleh-membawa-kepada-masalah-besar. Dan, saya akui, these viral can give advisable educations to others. Can give lessons to others. Can give lessons to the young lady itself. And, I believe she was regretting on what she has done. In shaa Allah~

Lagi satu hal, dalam mana-mana agama, kita diajarkan adab bercakap dengan orang tua, adab meminta maaf dan memaafkan orang lain, adab menjaga aib orang, adab bergaul dan macam-macam lagi. Dan semua yang menganut agama sangat menjaga adab, sangat hormat antara satu sama lain. Bilamana, kita tengok kejadian yang dah berlaku, once a while reflect back on us; muhasabah balik. Pernah tak kita terkasar macam tu kat sesiapa pun lah even family members sendiri? adik? kakak? abang? mak ayah? Allahurabbi~ T.T

Then, what we can see also from the incident. I believe that woman have a mystery emotional attitudes. Because, I am a woman too. That is why, each caliphs are from the men. They are emotionally under control. That is why, lelaki ade 9 akal 1 nafsu. Dan perempuan pula 9 nafsu 1 akal. Mereka sangat cetek akalnya dalam menjernihkan keadaan yang mendesak. Sangat sikit alternatif yang difikirnya bilamana keadaan memaksa dan menghambat *ayat drools over* Yes, I am not denying it. Sebab kekadang, I can shouting like her when the situations are in stress. Aku kekadang boleh jadi garang macam harimau to a certain people haha. Better be watch out! Tapi, let bygones be bygones. Ceduk sedikit hikmah dan pengajaran daripada setiap apa yang terjadi.

Moga Allah swt bukakan pintu hati kami untuk saling berkasih sayang dan menjaga antara satu sama lain. Ameen Ya Rabbal Al amin~~

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