Friday, September 26, 2014

pretty semester

assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera..

i miss you, dear blog! ahaa~ 
i have become a new me. Nur Shafiah Manirah Binti Ismail with a small  heart but a huge achiever. 
Alhamdulillah, praises to Allah swt. My years of studying Bachelor of Agribusiness is not as that bad before I think.  

This is my second year of studying in this course, and i will tell you that i'm not regretting because i've made up my mind not to change the course. (sebenarnye malas nak menyusahkan diri sendri dengan procedure) as long as happy with it, and can score better in shaa allah.

This second year also my new year with commitment of Student High Council for Sixteenth College. Become the representative for Sekretariat Penerbitan dan Alumni together with Meor Mohamad Sollehuddin. 

entahlah, what i have been contribute to this sekretariat pun idk. tapi, banyak sangat event kolej dalam masa sebulan di UPM ni. 

Sejak program Kem Pemantapan Organisasi (21 Ogos) lepas sibuk sampai ke Minggu Orientasi (2Sept)..sambung ke minggu ke-2, minggu Majlis Perasmian Sukan Kolej & Malam Tunas Budaya ..sambung ke minggu ke-3, minggu Merentas Kampus. Haha hebakk ahh. Every weekends are the most hectic days!

Oh yaa! I am promoting this college blog!!! for all updates about Sixteenth College event! Feel free to view, read, comments and follow babes !! 

how superb this video! sekretariat penerbitan jeles dengan mereka :* 
okayyy, till then! xoxo


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