Saturday, March 21, 2015

My Travelogue Vlogger

Hye..currently, this is a week after my program. #Ruby2015upm bersempena Karnival Let-It-Out @ 16. 

After that hectic times, I struggling with these videos for our Elex Package in UPM. We were asked to register LAX in our courses as additional course. We can choose variety of Lax packages..and I choose LAX2014 : My Travelogue.

Because..this package, we were need to be in 6 members in a group and of course, I'm mingling around with members from different colleges and faculties. 

...and we need to discover special places in UPM within our targeted theme to be put in our travelogue booklet.

So, everyweek, me and my members need to meet up, and settle down the group's discussion video.

Yeahh, enjoy laa these muka-pucat-face-videos-due-to-fever.

#struggling with university life. 
#shaff perlu qawiyyy

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