Friday, April 15, 2016


"i swear.. where the moon and the sun will be there..
i swear..."

Now, i realised that we could not pleased everybody. Internship life has taught me a lottttt of things n lessons. I learnt to be morrrre independent. I learnt to survive working two weeks at farm, and another two times per week at farm. I learnt to had many friends from foreign country; which is Nepalese n Bangladeshi who works at farm for life survival. They are reallllllly tough, nice n kind. We, Malaysians had second taught that they might be not okay, butttt, they are very welcoming us, and trying hard to give lessons to us, interns. especially, my ex-sector leader, Naresh, who is very responsible n kind-hearted to give nice hospitality to me; even i had seeking help from him to send me to go to toilet while at farm. indeeeeeeeeed.

I was wondering, whyyyy this farm has a lottttt, hundreds of foreign workers, cause this work is realllly tough, and they are coming n willing to work as the matter of life survival.  I watched myself, how they can survived working 7days per week, even everyday is working day like foreverrrrr, how they can living in the cabin quarters, with 5-10 peoples in one single room, how they can moving to and fro without transportation, and how they could living here with different cultures n languages and also miles away from their loves one back from home, they could just survived! and despite all that, we Malaysians still mumbling this and that about not so easy life!

I also watched myself that, about 80% staff will not so pleased and understand their own bosses. I've read a book from Saiful Nang; Kisah Orang Menang about this. All of them (employee) just love to grumble this and that, why and how, without understanding the hardship that their employer had gone through before this. Are you ever thought, how they could manage to build one big farm, that produce safe good food vegetables/fruits/flowers product? I tried to work with them, (even with chinese company) because i can learn from them on how their management.

okayyyyyyyyyyyyy, anything to discuss? let's open table n mind? that's all my mumbling for todayyy really hopes i can get offdays at home :)

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