Sunday, August 21, 2016



 Silver is still gold to us. Because he himself already represent precious gold to us, Malaysia 👏 The moment thinking about this time Olympic is the last Olympic for him is the most saddest thing ever 😢 He already makes this badminton sport very famous in Malaysia and this sport is very into Malaysian hearts. We loves you #DLCW
Dato Lee Chong Wei, a person who very determined playing badminton for Malaysia since under Misbun Sidek years ago. He is very committed and to him winning over Lin Dan is the best moments in his life.  

He already won three silvers a row in every Olympic. Although, he can't get gold medal for Malaysia but still we are proud of him.  Because he shows us what is determination and although he had sacrifices a lot during teenage years to become a very super hero for us, Malaysian. 

We are very proud of him, until we can't ever replaced him ever, he shows us what is the Champion attitude to us. He already old enough to continue this path. and winning over Lin Dan make him very happy and they both shows what are good relationship between both of them.

Congratulations, Dato' Lee Chong Wei. It is true you are pure gold to us. 

Silver Medallist Olympic 2016 @ Rio De Jeneiro, Brazil :)


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