Saturday, December 3, 2011

Precious Moments Part 1

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera (;

This is how my life was, with my loves and hunny-bunnies in precious moments within two years. Being a form four and form five not an easy task. It is a time for change from a dull child , comot sana-sini to a matured person who can even differentiate betweeen a beautiful diamond and pieces of glass.. Do you think, who u are? When i was 16, i keep thinking who am i, what was my future plans, what was my habit and which was the best choice to choose. .even going to MRSM PH or going to SMTeknik KL or just stay at SMK Bukit Jalil.

Pengkalan Hulu? not the nearest school from my house.. it was kilometres away from here..
what was my precious moments?

Aidilfitri 2010 (;
Location: Rumah Mak Yang, Bota Kiri, Perak.
Peoples here: Family Wancu, Family Andak, Family Mak Yang, Family Kak Eni, Family Ucu  and  My Family

Hangout Time (;

Location: Shopping Mall, Penang.
People: My cousin,  Kak Intan (;
Notes: I love to hang out with kak Intan. We shared a lot of things.. Pusing-pusing, cuci-cuci mata  tgk new clothes and duduk kt fitting room berjam-jam semata-mata utk snap pictures sana-sini :DD haha.
Berjalan dengan My Mom (;

Me, and my mom.
Location: KFC, Carrefour Sri Petaling.
Notes: My mom accompanied me to shop anything for hostel's stuff .. Thanks a lot mom cuz being my side each times and days. <3
Berbuka Puasa dengan HR Rohani (;

Location: DM, Maktab.
People: Anak-anak Homeroom Teacher Rohani (;

Program Talam Oh Talam(;

Location: Hall of MRSM PH
Program: Lunch with traditional talam style..with my Homeroom-mates and Teacher Rohani.
Notes: Look how delicious it was.. yummyy!

Jamuan Kelas 2010(;

Location: Wakaf, Maktab.
Notes: Jamuan Kelas Akhir Forn 4 & Birthday Cake Farah Tera with my classmates <3
Till Then (;
Lots of <3

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