Friday, January 4, 2013

Salam Tahun Baru :))

Assalam, 5thJanuary2013

woahh!! It's THIRTEEN alreadyy..

What I've been go through the wonderful and momentous year before. I love no 12.  My journey as a student started when I was accepted for foundation studies at UPM via UPU application. 

Not forgotten, my valuable experience as the Islamic KAFA teacher, at my old KAFA school. Meet again, after long time, my respectful pengetua, Pn Rosliza Ismail, the idol! I worked for morning and evening session everyday of schooldays. What a tough one, whenever, you have to meet, a group of age, which are too child and too adult one. Need, to familiarize with the  adult which often talking about something that not a part of me. and also, the young kids,which so hyperactive learners and pupils. Looks so matured ha? Haha 

Now, I'm officially 19th. Even not so nineteenth. Five months to go. The things now is not about a no. is a matter of deed you do, for your life-after. Tak sangka, tempoh sy ber 'EIGHTEEN' terlalu singkat, terlalu cepat, Ma Shaa Allah. 

Okeh. sambung balik. Sy kutip pengalaman bekerja. And start the day of 17th May of 2012, I'm officially salah seorang warga UPM. wohooo. Although is not what I really want. Now, currently, finished with my final exam SEM2. Alhamdulillah.

Azam? If I given the chance, I want to be a doctor. Paediatric. Ohhh. Shhhu. It should be a secret. Craps. I must worked all out, and also burning the midnite oil. Jika, Allah tahu. Jika, aku berusaha dan teruskan jihad sehebat jihad Palastinians. Is not impossible for me to be a successful student.

Jadi, sebagai warga Kuliah 2, #AsperiansBatch8, banyak pengalaman meng'handle' presentations and do a lot of assignments. Bertahan dengan the group members and the assignments yang membunuh! Sabar je wahai hati. Banyak teknik yang boleh apply untuk selesaikan masalah. First thing first!! Jangan buat something, last minutes work. It is truely wouldn't help at all. Much, we got stressed out, thinking other stuff to do, during the pressure time. The least minimum time for the preparation for presentations is a week before. Make sure, not a night before. 

In K2, I knew a lot of range of friends. I used to close with Shazana, as she lived in same kolej with me, and same class with me. Sama-sama lambat. Sama-sama duduk belakang. Haha, usually I used to sit in front. But now, I'm the independent person yg not depends on others anymore. Nak pergi order makanan sorang2 after class, okayy tk de hal. Ape de haaaal? Balik dari exam Agric especially,yg ditinggalkan rakan2 lain setengah jam sebelum exam tamat. Okayyy, tak pe. sorang2 lagii. k takpe lagi.. Here's the excerpt. to those who feel like that. we must changed the thought that no one could be alone, as we have ALLAH as guidance..

" How can one consider themselves lonely, when ALLAH SWT is his/her GUARDIAN? - You'll never alone. :)) " -Imam Muhammad al Taqi

 =(  Myb, since Shazana meninggalkan aku baru-baru ni. menangguhkan Asasi ats sbb tertentu. mungkin.

but the thing is, ape ada hal? kn? hee >.< 

Ehh. wait. nak show some of the great event for muslimah. Back to basic. As I love to do what I like. I'm Happy!! 
Girls, let's spend time for this event. 
Festival Beliawanis, at UIAM Gombak.

the tentatif program, and ada forum,, 

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