Sunday, October 19, 2014

heartbroken :'(

i can't hold it anymore longer,
aku takkan paksa lagi..
aku just minta pengertian darimu wahai sahabat!

that's all the best decision you all can make..

i don't deserve the rights to hold it..
you choose & you make up..
there is nothing even wrong..
but, please just one more chance..

i want to know how it all happened..
or at least, don't put me aside..
like i'm no use to you.. the useless person to you..

like i'm no even live beside you, my dearest friend.
it is totally b r e a k my heart,

Truly. Indeed.

how many tears that need to roll down over my cheeks over and over again?
if i do mistakes, i begging for the apologize at least?
if you really hate me? i will just go away.

together to forget a past is something difficult ro achieve right now.
i know. all of the egos when wrong.

aku bukan kawan sempurna untuk hang..
terima kasih atas segala-galanya.

Thanks dear girlfriends. Now, I know. I shouldn't asked you to be part of us. I do that, because you're very potential indeed.

So, you never know the truth is. It is not my intention to do what you're think I'm not supposed to do that. Moga Allah buka hati kamu.

But, it is never mind. Because, you need time. And one fine day, you'll be understand why I do that. Terangilah hatinya dan hatiku

And now you didn't believe me rite. Tak apa, sbb awak belum faham. Keadaan yang mendesak. Walaupun, masih byk lagi tanda tanya.

This matter makes me tired of crying whole night. Walaupun, sambil nangis sambil buka buku bbi2424 test esoknya. Hari itu.

Tuhan jaga dia untukku. Selamanyaku ada.
Y a allah , terangilah hati kami dengan petunjuk mu yang mampu menyucikan hati kami daripada perasaan benci, iri hati dan buruk sangka.

Ameen. How the conflicts arise now, take me a minute to realise that is called super life to live. Alhamdulillah. *tears TT.TT*

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